2023 Home Renovation Color Trends

December 06, 2022

As we draw a close on 2022, designers and their clients are looking at the horizon for what color trends may be coming to us in 2023. Although Pantone, the universal authority on color, hasn’t announced their color of the year at the time of this article, experts are predicting that the hue of the year will be Digital Lavender, which is a gender-neutral shade of purple that will be flattering in a myriad of applications from home to fashion.

Pantone color of the year aside, what other color trends should we be predicting to fill our homes with the brand new year?

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    Warm Hues:

    Cool neutrals have been dominating the design scene for years on end now and we’re finally seeing a shift with a return to warm neutrals. Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have selected their colors of the year, and they both are full of warmth. Sherwin Williams has selected Redend Point, which is a gorgeous mix of soft terracotta and blush pink for grown ups.

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    Benjamin Moore on the other hand, while sticking with warmth, has decided on a much punchier hue in their choice of Raspberry Blush as their color of the year. The shade is reminiscent of a more feminine paprika hue and will be absolutely stunning in any application

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    Rich Color:

    While neutrals will always endure, in 2023 they may seem a bit bland. The upcoming crop of bold hues will delight designers and consumers alike as a welcome departure from the black, white, and gray color scheme we’ve been inundated with for years. Instead of navy, consider a bold teal hue, like Benjamin Moore’s Hidden Sapphire. Also expect to see plenty of dark, forrest reminiscent greens, and warm plums.

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    Stoned Neutrals:

    While the trends will aim towards color, neutrals will never truly go out of style. For 2023 though, neutrals get an upgrade in terms of the depth they’re now providing. Gone are the cool-toned, barely there grays and stark whites, and their replacement will be warm off whites, further deepened by plaster applications or limewashing.

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    Not ready to commit to an entire bathroom of jewel tones or blushy earth tones? Consider adding artwork or other temporary decor to bring your space to life. But if you are ready to bring a little color into your life, consider some of these hues for your upcoming renovation.

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