20 Remodeling Tips

For Chicago Kitchen & Bath

We have prepared the following guide to help you make the right decisions when it comes to remodeling your kitchen and bath.
The first 10 tips focus on kitchen remodels, whereas the second 10 focus on bath remodels.



Galley, L-shaped, U-shaped or custom-made: the first step is to make the call on which layout you prefer. Choose one that suits the size, shape, and amount of space available for the kitchen.

2. Style Quotient

Contemporary or traditional, sleek or rustic, or an eclectic fusion of styles, your kitchen should be an extension of your personality.

3. Keep It Light

Choose bright overhead lights for the countertop where you do all the cooking, and balance it with subtle backlighting elsewhere.

4. Tell a Story

Extend your personal story to your kitchen. Turn your favorite Kandinsky abstract art into a backsplash. If you are an aficionado of Japanese culture, turn on the Nippon-vibe. Transform the space into an ode to your favorite things.

CHI | Chi Renovation Skokie Kitchen Remodeling

5. Get Floored

Add a touch of regality with marble, keep it warm and cozy with wood, use natural stone for an earthy vibe, or keep it simple and easy to maintain with tiles.

6. Monochrome or Technicolor

Will it be 50 shades of gray or every color of the rainbow? The answer depends on your space, your personality, and the materials you desire.

7. Tool Kit

Get cookware, utensils, and countertop appliances to match the new look of your kitchen. Often, using or displaying existing items throws off the new, designer look of your space.

8. Table Manners

Fine China and Sterling silver are appropriate in a high-on-luxe, sleek kitchen and dining area. For Bohemian-themed kitchens, cutlery can be colorful, kitschy, and doesn’t need to match.

9. Bells and Whistles

Small touches can make a grand statement, such as under-counter LED lighting, art, and well-displayed trophy items including artistic teapots and elegant espresso machines.

10. Space Saves Time

Always prioritize storage space in the initial design. Cabinets, drawers, baskets, and racks in various shapes and sizes can embrace your kitchen utensils and tools.


CHI | Chi Renovation Tips To Remodel Bath

1. Retreat and Relax

The master bath is your sanctuary, so be sure that everything in the space relaxes you. Color the space in soft neutrals or pastels, and be sure you have all you need to unwind — whether that be a steam shower or a tub.

2. Functional Flooring

If children or elderly individuals are living in the home, it’s best to keep your bathroom flooring functional: stain, water, and moisture resistant. Porcelain tiles made with finer, denser clay than ceramic tiles are less porous and harder. They’re also the most budget-friendly option.

3. Keep It Moody

Think soft, subtle light, like lining your shower with LED strips or keeping candles next to your tub. Try to restrict bright light to the vanity and use it selectively — when grooming or applying makeup.

4. To Stand or Soak?

If you have the luxury of space along with the free time to spend soaking in scented bubbles, put a tub in your bathroom. If not, keep things simple with a glass-enclosed walk-in shower.

5. Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

Choose a mirror that’s high on functionality: frameless, bevel-edged, moisture resistant. If you choose a framed mirror, pick a frame that is moisture and heat-resistant.

6. Towels and Toiletries

Cabinets and drawers work best if you have a large bath. If you are short on space, try open shelves. You can use them to stack towels or toiletries.

CHI | Chi Renovation Skokie Bath Renovation

7. Vanity Check

We all love to have our privacy in the bathroom, but if you have a shared Jack and Jill setup, carve your nook in the room by choosing a suitable vanity. A double-sink vanity works well for design consistency, but two narrow, single-sink vanities might add a more personalized look.

8. Art Appreciation

Who said that art can’t be placed in the bath? If your pieces evoke positive feelings and are not too sensitive to humidity, they can be a welcome addition to your bathroom.

9. Stay Fresh

Leave your worldly woes behind, and turn your bath into a tropical haven of fresh foliage and blossoms. All it takes is a small vase filled with flowers and a few indoor plants.

10. Accessorize

Carpets, rugs, mats, laundry baskets and shower curtains are design elements that will enhance the overall look and feel of your bath. Remember to maintain consistency with the overall design language: modern, rustic, retro, bohemian, etc.

CHI | Chi Renovation Chicago Bathroom Design

Making It Happen

Although we are delighted to share the above design inspirations with you, we know that what makes for a great kitchen or bath remodeling project is having the right team working for you. The best way to avoid costly mistakes and headaches is to have a talented designer working with you to create the vision and select the materials. Only a professional can guide you effectively on the best use of your budget to meet your goals.

Your designer must have a strong, working relationship with the construction team. As a design-build company, we can guarantee this relationship. Read more about how to select the best remodeler for your project here.

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