Home Designer Dos and Don’ts for a Client (before renovation)

January 03, 2023

While hiring a designer can certainly make a home renovation go much smoother, there are still certain things that a client can also help their design with as well! Here are some Do’s and Don’ts from one of our Chi Renovation interior designers that can help in ways that a designer can’t.

Dos and Don’ts

Do: Budgeting

Renovations are an investment and no matter how large or small, having a budget is imperative for project planning. Designers don’t ask your budget simply to price gouge you, but how to best navigate your project’s execution. Be open and honest when discussing where you’re comfortable being at the end of the day with your budget. There will be no judgment, just the ability to properly assess how to make the elements that are most important happen, and where it might be better to save.

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    Do: Consider the End Use

    When you’re thinking about how your new dream kitchen will look, you should also be honest with yourself about how the space is used. If the idea of a giant island in your kitchen makes your heart flutter, but you know that there needs to be more space given to pantry storage, always remember those aesthetics are important but practicality is key. This is a decision you will be living with for years to come, it should work for how you actually move around your home.

    Home Designer Dos and Don’ts for a Client (before renovation)

    Home Designer Dos and Don’ts for a Client (before renovation)

    Don’t: Get Tunnel Vision

    You’re about to meet with a designer and you have everything planned out in your mind- down to the last outlet cover. While designers love clients who are excited about their projects and have done their homework, don’t get so focused on only one option. When you’ve been in space for so long, it’s hard to imagine it any other way, that’s why bringing in a fresh set of eyes is a great idea. Not only can a designer imagine fresh possibilities for you, but they will also be able to let you know if your plan is feasible from a structural perspective. Oftentimes there is more to be taken into consideration than what you can see. Plumbing stacks, electrical loads, HVAC work, and other structural issues can dictate that there has to be another solution. A great designer wants to make their client happy, so if there is a design change from what you had in mind, there is typically a good reason for it. Some spaces have limitations, that doesn’t mean the end product won’t be just as beautiful.

    Home Designer Dos and Don’ts for a Client (before renovation)

    Home Designer Dos and Don’ts for a Client (before renovation)

    Don’t: Stress Over Hiccups

    You’re halfway through your renovation and all of the sudden there is an issue- deep breath, you are not alone! Many projects, especially those in older homes, run into a roadblock along the way. That doesn’t mean that your project won’t finish or that you will be left with an incomplete space. If you have a dedicated team, as you get with Chi Renovation, any issues that are encountered will be taken care of as quickly as possible. Although a few extra days may seem like an eternity while in active construction, it will barely be a blip on your radar in comparison to the years of enjoyment you get out of your new space.

    Do: Enjoy the Process

    Home improvement projects are typically only considered for what they’ll be at the end. Oftentimes clients want to rush through the phases of the design process and get construction done as quickly as possible so they can start using their new space. And while nothing is better than that last day when your home is all yours again, that doesn’t mean the road there can’t be enjoyable as well! Take your time when reviewing material selections, these will be permanent fixtures for years to come. Also, consider asking questions aside from “When will it be done?” A good designer will be happy to share their knowledge with you regarding why they’ve made the choices they have for you, or how something works from a technical standpoint. An invested client is a client that’s a delight to work for!

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