Chicago Design-Build Tips From Our Team

Chi | Bookcase
June 21, 2020
With many of us now working from home, it’s a great idea to consider adding a home office to our spaces or upgrading an existing one. There are a plethora of options to maximize your efficiency whether you have a dedicated space to work from,... 
Chi | Chicago South Loop Kitchen Remodel
April 19, 2020
Perhaps you started a renovation prior to the government mandated shut-down, or all the excess time at home has you wondering when you can tackle a nagging area of your home. What is one to do? If you’re currently in the construction phase, know construction... 
Chi | Kitchen Storage Under Cooktop
March 23, 2020
One of the most functional aspects of a good kitchen is its storage. Your kitchen cabinetry, drawers, and pantries can make cooking a joy or a chore depending on the ergonomics and design style used to build them. Our Chicago kitchen design-build team strives to... 
Chi | Chicago Des Plaines Kitchen Remodel
March 12, 2020
This Chicago kitchen was transformed from a dull, confined space into a bright, functional area with an open layout and abundant sunshine. It’s perfect for entertaining friends and family as the open layout merges the kitchen with the dining and living area.  
Chi |  Design Angies List 2019 Super Service Award Winner
February 27, 2020
Our Chicago design-build team has won Angie’s Super Service, and this is our second consecutive win. We’ve won four awards so far, and we’re thrilled. We strive to provide our clients with the best service possible, and it’s great to be acknowledged for something we... 
Chi | River North Spacious Kitchen
February 06, 2020
This Chicago kitchen and dining room was given an open, spacious layout with a new island, custom shaker cabinets, and sleek appliances. The kitchen cabinets are stylish and maximize functional storage while the dining room was given a neutral striped palette to complement the kitchen.... 
Chi | Chirenovation Elegant Compact Chicago Kitchen Design
January 16, 2020
Our Chicago design-build team gave this Chicago kitchen a complete renovation. The old kitchen was demolished, and we were excited to design and build this kitchen from scratch. Our clients wanted a minimal aesthetic. Their brief was to give the compact space a modern design... 
CHI | Chicago 7 Kitchen Design Trends For 2020
January 08, 2020
Our Chicago design-build team is excited about the trends and great new looks that are emerging in kitchen design. If you are planning on renovating your dated kitchen, here are 7 kitchen design trends for 2020 that you’ll surely want to consider: 1. Navy Blue... 
CHI | 1950s Retro Humboldt Park Kitchen Project Reveal
December 18, 2019
This kitchen in Chicago was designed with a special 1950s theme. It showcases minty-green cabinets with glass inserts, lazy Susans, and pull-out drawers. The appliances and fixtures are all retro-style, as are the red accents, polka dots, and tiled flooring. 
Chi | Chicago South Loop Kitchen Remodel
December 02, 2019
This kitchen in Chicago’s South Loop was renovated with two main priorities: better storage and enhanced functionality. It features an extra-long, floor-to-ceiling pantry; functional storage that makes it easier to reach everything; easy-to-use cabinets; and compartmentalized drawers. 
Chi | Bathroom Remodel Functional Chicago
November 21, 2019
This master bathroom in Chicago was renovated to offer a more functional set-up for a large family with children. It’s a warm, modern space with two vanities; an independent shower; grey cabinets and flooring; and sleek, pendant lights with Edison bulbs. 
CHI | Chicago Sleek Modern Kitchen Flooring Renovation
November 05, 2019
The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in a home and requires sturdy, functional flooring that can withstand spills, stains, heat, and moisture. Plus, it should look good as well. Read on for tips on how to find the perfect flooring for your... 
CHI | Ave Bathroom Remodel
October 23, 2019
Our Chicago design-build team turned this bathroom into a spacious retreat with a luxurious tub, a walk-in shower, and an elegant vanity. 
CHI | Roscoe Attic Living Space Remodel
October 16, 2019
This charming attic belongs to an old property in Roscoe Village. When the owners came to us, they wanted to turn the space into a master bedroom and bathroom. The room had an unusual layout, and there was a large unused chimney running through it... 
CHI | Evanston Kitchen Remodel General Contractor
September 24, 2019
The original homeowner of this Evanston property was an architect who built this house in the 1960s. The interiors had a unique build style with an open floor plan and exposed timber beams. The house has a very symmetrical feel to it, and our clients... 
CHI | Park Ridge Retreat Smart Technology Toilet
September 17, 2019
Smart technology for the home is available to make our lives easy, and the ultimate luxury in smart technology is a smart toilet. These toilets clean and sanitize themselves, they offer warm seats for Chicago’s unforgiving winters (which for most is love at first touch),... 
CHI | Chicago Retro Green Kitchen Renovation
August 29, 2019
Making your home energy-efficient is a great way to create a healthy environment for your family, and you’re saving the earth too. Many of our clients request us to remodel their kitchens using eco-friendly design and we try our best to make their Chicago kitchen... 
CHI | Showerheads For Your Bathroom Remodel
August 14, 2019
Here are 10 types of showerheads that will allow you to make the perfect choice for your next Chicago bathroom remodel, in order from simple to truly impressive: 1. Fixed Shower (Single Spray) A simple, budget-friendly option that’s perfect for small or medium size bathrooms.... 
CHI | Chicago Selecting Lights Your Kitchen
July 24, 2019
Kitchens are typically the most used space in the house. It is often a space for multitasking: prepping ingredients, cooking, eating, making grocery lists, reading recipes, all while helping the kids with their homework. To make sure there’s sufficient light to perform these tasks, your... 
CHI | Sink For Your Chicago Bathroom Remodel
July 08, 2019
A simple, independent sink or an elegant vanity? Choosing the right sink will depend on what the sink will be used for and which bathroom it will fit into — powder room, guest bath, or master bath. Here is what you need to consider while...