Bathroom Renovation Trends for 2023 – All you need to know!

November 29, 2022

Thinking about renovating your bathroom in the upcoming year? While most people like to stick with timeless design choices, there are some great trends on the horizon that are worth considering when tackling the design portion of your renovation. What’s to come?

1. Blush, Bold, & Glossy Bathroom Trend

Bold hues are going to be having a major moment in 2023, and with good reason – they create a stunning opulence that is hard to replicate with neutrals. And if a neutral palette is a bit more comfortable, consider adding touches of blush pink which is having a major moment. And to take blush into 2023, opt for tones that lean a bit more like a softened clay, than baby pink.

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    Blush, Bold, & Glossy bathroom

    2. Clean Curves Bathroom Trend

    Hard angles and sharp lines are softening in favor of a bit of softness. Clean oval shapes are popping up everywhere and they strike a beautiful balance between masculine and feminine. The Statement line by Kohler is the perfect example of this new silhouette. It’s a seemingly perfect blend of organic and structured, and will indeed, make a statement in any bath.

    Clean Curves bathroom renovation


    3. Texturally Speaking Bathroom Trend

    Slats, flutes, and louvers are all having a major moment and it’s well deserved. Adding texture to vanity fronts, doors, and wall panels, it’s an excellent way to elevate an accent to a focal point. Not only does a slatted door add some dimensionality, it can also make the space feel airier by allowing light to shine through, which is always a welcome addition to a bathroom, especially the smaller ones.

    Texturally Speaking Bathroom Renovation

    What to Avoid

    While there are never any hard nos in the design world, as long as it’s what you want, there are some options that could use a breather.

    • All-white everything – While it can seem clean and pristine, all-white finishes will show every makeup smudge and stray hair in a bath. Consider mixing in a bit of color or at least going with textured whites.
    • Extra large freestanding tubs – Much like the giant whirlpool tubs of previous generations, a too-large freestanding tub can take up prime real estate in an already tight space. If a tub is a must, consider scaling down a bit. Your shins, and water bill, will thank you!

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