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Project review – Uptown master bathroom remodel
From the initial design ideas to the finished project, we’re committed to making your bathroom renovation satisfactory and stress-free. Our remodeling process starts with a design consultation to understand your needs and objectives. We take into account any structural adjustments needed with your budget considerations in mind. A personalized design is created, dedicated to your remodeling needs. As we move from concept to reality, we present our finalized sketches and floor plans. With thoughtful material sourcing and skilled craftsmanship, we bring your vision to life during the construction phase, making the process easy and seamless from start to finish, with your satisfaction as our ultimate goal.

Chicago start-up office remodeling
The vision for this startup office remodeling was to create an open concept with a young, fun, and hip vibe. To bring our vision to life, we drew inspiration from the bright colors and vibrant atmosphere of Miami. We searched for the perfect artist who could incorporate the city’s colors and vibrancy into a mural. The result? A fun and energetic atmosphere that breathed life into the workspace of this young company. This perfectly aligns with the client’s vision, and we’re thrilled with the project’s success in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Chicago small condo remodeling

We upgraded a small condo for a frequent-traveling bachelor, creating a blend of style and functionality. The client’s desire for low maintenance and high durability is reflected in the choice of materials and finishes. We strategically relocated the closet to serve as a stylish divider between the living room and bedroom, and added a fireplace for extra warmth. Tailoring our interior remodeling services to suit the client is our expertise, and now this small condo renovation embodies the perfect mix of modern luxury and coziness and practicality.

Luxury Master Bathroom Remodeling in Glenview, IL – Before & After

Our team handled interior remodeling and architectural design for this master bathroom in Glenview. The original builders-grade materials didn’t match the elegance of the beautiful home, inspiring us to draw from the client’s decorating skills. We installed cherry wood floors and a striking redwood vanity to seamlessly tie everything together. Adding a touch of glam, crystal elements were incorporated in the cabinet knobs and the stunning chandelier. Now, this luxurious master bathroom perfectly complements the rest of the client’s home.

Retro Kitchen Remodel in Chicago – Chi Renovation & Design

The goal of this kitchen renovation was to achieve a retro dream. The client opted for mint green cabinets with retro-inspired appliances, and a gut renovation was essential to replace the existing impractical setup. Our expert designer repositioned the fridge and swapped the stove and dishwasher locations for better efficiency. Combining functionality and style, we proposed glass cabinets for an open feel, successfully maximizing storage in our uniquely shaped kitchen. As general contractors, we are dedicated to bringing our clients’ visions to life, this kitchen remodel is one example of that commitment.

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