Bright Ideas – The Role of Lighting in Your Space

April 09, 2020

Lighting can make one of the biggest impacts on your space. Not enough light and tasks can become difficult, too much and your space can appear harsh. This is why oftentimes designers will suggest a mix of three types; ambient, task, and accent lighting. Let’s discuss the three and how they transform your space.

Ambient Lighting

Similar to ambient temperature, ambient lighting illuminates the overall space. The most common form of ambient lighting today is recessed can lighting. Properly spaced cans – spaced no further than four feet apart- can help eliminate shadows in a room. Can lights come with a hefty electric bill, but luckily LED versions have become more readily available and more cost-effective, making this the clear choice for overall room visibility. Other types of ambient lighting include flush and semi-flush ceiling mounts and even fans with light kits. Try to avoid using singular lights as your sole source of lighting in the room to keep the lighting balanced.


Shabby Chic Studio Loft Chicago Construction

Recessed LED lights make this foyer nice and bright

Another thing to take into consideration with your ambient lighting is the light temperature. What is meant by light temperature? Lighting comes in what’s called a Kelvin Scale, which rates light hues from 1000 to 10,000 with 1000 being a warmer, more yellow light,  and 10,000 being a crisper, blue-toned light. Lighting for the home should fall between 2500 to 3500 for a soft, inviting tone. Whenever possible, you should hold off on selecting your paint colors after your lighting has been installed to avoid the paint looking different depending on the temperature.

Elekzon Lighting Kelvin Scale Warm White Coolwhite Daylight 1024x1024

The Kelvin Scale from 1000 to 10,000.
Image courtesy of Elekzon


Task Lighting

Just as the name suggests, task lighting is for getting things done! Illuminating work surfaces such as kitchen counters to help with meal prep, or the vanity area in a bathroom for grooming, these are typically the brightest light in a room. Not only does task lighting help illuminate important areas, it can also help reduce eyestrain. Incorporating proper lighting into a home office or near any at home computer is especially necessary if you spend long stretches at a time working.


Chicago Modern Condo Living Kitchen Countertop Remodel

Under-cabinet lighting not only makes a beautiful visual impression but can also help with cooking.


Artistic Urban Chicago Kitchen Renovation

Another reason to consider under cabinet lighting – to keep a space from appearing too dark


Accent Lighting

Of all the lighting types, this is typically where you can have a bit more fun! Accent lighting can include anything from decorative pendants above a kitchen island, bedside table lamps, or dining room chandeliers. With thousands of options available, do not rush through this portion of your renovation! A statement light fixture can become the focal point of the entire room. Grouping multiple accent lights, whether of the same style, or a mashup, can also be a fun way to play with your lighting scheme as well.


Contemporary Kitchen Renovation Chicago

Even with a simple silhouette, a grouping of accent pendants can create a major wow factor.


Chicago Timber Loft Living Room Remodel

Mixing various shade sizes and heights can create more visual interest

Let our design team help you not only select the proper type and amount of lighting, but also how to make your room dazzle! – Contact us from here

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