Chicago Bathroom Floor Trends

May 21, 2019

Give your Chicago bathroom floor a trendy update. Here’s what’s hot in bathroom flooring:


WPC vinyl flooring is in vogue for bathroom floors in 2019. WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite or Waterproof Core and is available in the form of tiles or planks. This engineered vinyl is completely waterproof and comes in a range of styles including looking like wood and stone — it can even be made to resemble marble.

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    Another option is an SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) floor, which has been a popular choice in commercial spaces and is making its way into residential use. Both WPC and SPC can be made to look like natural materials, but the big difference is that SPC is thinner and more durable than WPC.

    If you want to stick to tried and tested materials, skip boring styles and choose on-trend Terrazzo tiles.

    2. COLOR

    Many trendsetters say that neutrals and pastels are passé. This year is all about big, bold color — emerald, scarlet, salmon, and if you dare, go completely dark with black or brown flooring.

    3. SHAPE & SIZE

    Too many grout lines can be an eyesore, and they get grimy and hard to clean. Bid farewell to excess grout this year as big tiles are trending for bathroom floors. But, big doesn’t always mean broad. In addition to large square tiles, expect to see long tiles with a narrow width.

    4. DESIGN

    Make a visual statement with a Moroccan-inspired pattern or go the retro route with mosaic polka dots or Art Deco fan tiles. Herringbone and fish scale tiles are also in the spotlight, but the trend we’re crushing on the most is geometric patterns and bespoke graphic designs.

    5. FINISH

    This year is all about sustainability and natural materials. If it looks hand-crafted and artisanal, it’s on point. One way to achieve this look is to give your bathroom flooring a textured or coarse finish. Or, if you prefer smooth surfaces — matte is in, and gloss is out.


    Timeless, classic, and stunning: marble’s aesthetic appeal has been trending for centuries and continues to remain in style. One the world’s seven wonders, the Taj Mahal, was sculpted in marble as were some of Michelangelo’s most famous renaissance masterpieces (David, Pietà). It’s our favorite, too.

    Give your Chicago bath an air of grandeur with a marble floor. Choose a pristine all-white look or if monotone is not your style, go for white marble with grey veining. Keep in mind though that these choices are high-maintenance. If you want fuss-free options, go for dark, earthy colors like black or brown with white veining.

    The bathroom and kitchen are the first places people evaluate when it comes to the value of your home. Remodeling your Chicago bathroom will add value and status to your home. We hope our trend forecast for Chicago bathroom flooring has inspired you for your Chicago bathroom renovation project.

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