Kitchen Storage Solutions – 7 tips that make all the difference!

March 23, 2020

One of the most functional aspects of a good kitchen is its storage. Your kitchen cabinetry, drawers, and pantries can make cooking a joy or a chore depending on the ergonomics and design style used to build them. Our Chicago kitchen design-build team strives to achieve a balance of style and high functionality when it comes to kitchen storage. Listed below are seven storage ideas that look great and make cooking a joy.


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    1. Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets

    This Chicago kitchen showcases custom, floor-to-ceiling cabinets imported from Italy. The cabinets enhance the contemporary vibe of the design and look super stylish. What’s more, they add functional value and maximize storage in a narrow kitchen.

    2. Pull Out Pantry

    This small kitchen needed big storage solutions. While the floor and wall cabinets work to store utensils, cutlery, etc., the pull-out pantry allows the homeowners to store food items without cluttering the kitchen.

    3. Organized Shelving

    Organized Kitchen Shelving

    Lazy Susans Spice racks Stacked shelving for plates.

    Cabinets are one of the most expensive parts of a kitchen renovation, so make sure they look good and serve a functional purpose too. Our Chicago design-build team makes sure every kitchen we work on is fitted with cabinets that look good on the outside and are highly practical on the inside. Lazy Susans, spice racks, and stacked shelves for storing plates are just a few ways to make sure your kitchen cabinets can store a variety of kitchen appliances, utensils, and cutlery.

    4. Storage Under Cooktop

    Kitchen Storage Under Cooktop

    Storage Drawers under the cooktop for easy access while cooking

    Having a storage drawer right under the cooktop is a clever way to ensure your cooking essentials are always in near reach. This solution makes cooking easier and more enjoyable.

    5. Island Storage

    Don’t waste precious space by leaving your kitchen island unused. The area below the countertop can be used as storage.

    6. Camouflaged Appliances

    Certain cooking essentials are necessary to have in the kitchen but don’t always look picture perfect. For example, a microwave or a bulky wine cooler can look unsightly in a beautifully designed kitchen, so when planning storage solutions, our Chicago design-build team makes provisions for appliances as well. The above kitchen features a wine cooler incorporated in the island storage. It blends perfectly with the elegant design.

    7. Hooks and Open Shelves

    Kitchen Hooks And Open Shelves

    Hooks and open shelves

    Storage doesn’t always have to be locked away behind closed cabinets. Hanging pots and pans from hooks can allow easy access to them while cooking while open shelves are easy to reach and free up space in a small kitchen.

    Want to know which storage solutions work best for your Chicago kitchen? Our design-build team will be happy to talk to you, look at your space, and then offer solutions that are specific to you.

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