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November 19, 2020

With 2020 well under way, we’ve seen some interior design trends come and go. While you should never base your permanent fixtures on what’s in right this second, it can help to know what will be sticking around and what will be out soon. Read on for some trends to look out for and what to avoid.

Design Trend: Colors

In right now: Green

Get ready for a lot more greenery around! We’re seeing far more offerings from this nature hue from kitchen cabinets to bath vanities. Green is definitely having its moment. What makes green so perfect is that it really is a timeless color. Even the avocado shade reminiscent of 1970’s appliance can look fresh and new right now. If you’re not ready to go with a full on green kitchen, consider adding touches of green in your textile goods. House plants are also an obvious favorite for adding not only some color to a space, but life.

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    Invite nature in with green cabinetry. Houzz


    Here to stay: Navy Blue

    Navy had a major moment in home design for the last couple of years and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Navy is a great choice to accent with because it’s almost like a neutral color in that it goes with anything. When paired with white it has a crisp feel. Or paired with other dark shades, can create a rich moody vibe.

    On its way out: Gray

    While gray will always be a great neutral, we’re definitely going to see less of the all gray everything rooms going forward. In kitchens you might have little touches of it in countertop veining, but gray cabinetry will be on the decline.


    Design Trend: Countertops

    In right now: Large Format Porcelain

    Large format porcelain slabs will be the next big wave in not only countertops, but backsplash and shower applications as well. The reason that makes porcelain countertops so appealing is that they can mimic marble patterns but with a much higher durability. Porcelain is typically stain and heat resistant.



    Large format porcelain can look very sleek. Raphael Porcelain


    Here to stay: Quartz

    Quartz has been the darling of the countertop world for quite some time, and with good reason. Because it’s a mix of man made and natural materials, it is extremely durable. Quartz is also relatively maintenance free. It doesn’t need sealing like natural stone does. It also comes in a multitude of colors and designs from the brightest pure white to black.

    On its way out: Granite

    While typically natural stone is considered a safe go to, granite just makes feel immediately dated. You may still see its prevalence in more traditional designs, but considering even quartz can mimic granite in appearance, you will see less of the actual natural stone.


    Design Trend: Tile

    In right now: Textured Tile

    We’re seeing such a great wave of textured tiles lately. They can really transform a space with their ability to reflect light off of their different dimension. Adding texture can elevate even the simplest tile silhouette.  If you’re not ready to commit to a full textured backsplash, consider adding a mix of textured tiles in with your standard ones, or using them in a recessed niche in the shower.


    912402444 Soho Lafayette Porcelain Tile 100192913 Wall Tile Idole Tear Grey Bath Room

    Consider covering your entire wall in textured tile. Floor and Decor


    Here to stay: Hexagon Tile

    Hexagon tile is still a favorite among home owner and designers alike. It is now available in even more sizes and colors which means its going to endure for quite some time.

    On its way out: Standard White Subway 

    While the subway tile will never truly die, instead of opting for the standard 3″ x 6″ white tile, we’re going to see far more use of subways in various sizes and especially colors. Consider a matte blush pink for a great neutral or a high gloss green for some added drama.

    Design Trend: Hardware

    In right now: Gunmetal

    Gunmetal hardware is going to become more and more prevalent as polished nickel begins to feel more outdated. It adds a bit more depth and drama to cabinetry and is a good choice for hiding fingerprints.



    Gunmetal contrasts nicely against cream cabinets. Amerock


    Here to stay: Matte Black

    A few years ago not only was matte black hardware difficult to come by, but the finish was also very pricey. Now with more options on the market the price has come down and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing.

    On its way out: Brushed Brass

    Similar to the way polished brass makes any space feel like it’s from the early 1990’s, polished brass will have that feel in a few years. While it has a great ability to look like its gilding whatever piece it’s adorning, it already feels very tired. Opt for copper for a fun alternative.

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