Flooring for Your Chicago Kitchen Remodel

November 05, 2019

The flooring for your Chicago kitchen remodel has to withstand spills, drips, heat, and moisture. Your kitchen floor works harder than other areas of the house, and the ideal flooring is a balance of comfort, functionality, and looks.

When you choose the flooring for your next Chicago remodel, consider the following:

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    There’s an abundance of materials to choose from: hardwood, bamboo, ceramic tile, natural stone tile, etc. Hardwood is a durable, warm option and modern versions come with sealers and polyurethane finishes that protect the wood from moisture and spills. Even when wood ages, it has an elegant-rustic look. Bamboo is harder than hardwood and more resistant to heat and moisture, but it’s also more expensive. If you prefer the tiled look to the wood look, opt for ceramic tiles or natural stone like marble, limestone or travertine. Just keep in mind that if you choose stone or tile flooring, they tend to get cold. Given Chicago’s freezing winters, it’s a wise choice to consider installing underfloor heating.

    Shape and Size

    Big tiles or mosaics? Narrow wooden planks or smooth, natural stone? An important criterion when selecting the shape and size of kitchen flooring is that it should be easy to clean. Grout lines can be unattractive and unhygienic so opt for large tiles (it means fewer grout lines), or just have a seamless, natural stone floor.

    Color and Texture

    The color of your Chicago kitchen floor often looks best when consistent with the palette of adjacent spaces. If you have light, modern interiors, go for light wood, white marble, or laminate (it’s the more cost-effective option) floors. If you prefer a warmer palette, choose a darker natural stone, or you can even use dark-colored tiles. There is a variety of colors and textures to choose from, and it’s a good idea to approach this with a kitchen designer as they can help you make choices that are conducive to your taste and design needs.

    Design Patterns

    Give your kitchen flooring a herringbone pattern in wood, or for a more contemporary look, you can choose a black-and-white geometric pattern. As with color, the design of the floor should fit seamlessly with the rest of your Chicago home interiors.


    If you have a stone floor, your choices are a tumble (slightly dusty-looking) or a honed (smooth with sheen) finish. For wood floors, you have the option of a clear, smooth polyurethane finish or a more natural look hard-wax finish. Again, it’s best to work with a qualified designer and contractor to get the best results as it is hard for most of us to look at a small sample in a home store and imagine how it’ll be in our space.

    This information is surely useful while planning your next Chicago kitchen remodel. Our kitchen designers will be happy to assist you in your decision-making process so that your flooring integrates properly with your cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and the rest of the space. We’ll then make sure the materials you’ve chosen are installed perfectly and given the appropriate finishes.

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