Making the Most of Your Home Office

June 21, 2020

With many of us now working from home, it’s a great idea to consider adding a home office to our spaces or upgrading an existing one. There are a plethora of options to maximize your efficiency whether you have a dedicated space to work from, or just need to carve out a little bit of room amidst the rest of your home.

Consider:  Built-ins

An essential part of any home office, built-in bookshelves can create a ton of storage space even when the rest of your space is limited. The average book shelf is only about 10” – 12” deep, but makes up in typically unused vertical space.  Don’t have a dedicated room for your home office? A freestanding cube organizer can double as storage and a room divider to create the feeling that your workspace is separate from the rest of your home.

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    Built Ins

    Built-in bookshelves are not only aesthetically beautiful, but a great functional design element. Full Project

    Consider: Ergonomics

    In a workplace setting, oftentimes we’re forced to use the furniture provided, but at home, why not tailor everything to fit you specifically? Avoid the urge to buy a standard desk and office chair from a big box store and really take the time to select pieces that work for your body and posture.  Sitting all day not your thing? There are a plethora of desk options out there that can be easily adjusted from standard desk height to a standing desk, and everything in between.


    Think Chair Blue Jay 3 4 Front

    The Think Chair Steelcase adjusts itself to move with your body


    Consider: Electrical Components

    If you’re doing a full on remodel of your home office, now is a great time to add additional electrical outlets to best fit the layout of how you work. Adding an electrical outlet to your floor can help keep the multitude of computer cords nice and tidy. Don’t have access to add a receptacle to your floor? Consider a desk with handy outlets built in underneath or within drawers.


    Consider: Lighting

    In your home office more-so than any space in your home, sufficient lighting is key. With hours spent staring at computer monitors, you’re going to want to make sure you have a blend of ambient and task lighting to reduce eye strain and fatigue. Having a proper desk lamp as well as overhead lighting creates this balance. Also, don’t neglect window coverings. As the midday sun streams in, it can create far too much glare on a monitor.


    Consider Electronic Upgrades

    While a laptop can’t be beat when you’re commuting between home and office, or working out of a coffee shop, your home office really should have a large dedicated monitor. This can also help reduce neck strain and make visual based work a breeze. A smart home device such as a Google Home or Amazon Alexa can also be invaluable to your workspace. Not only can it provide a bit of background music to drown out the din of work from home noises, but you can also record voice memos and calendar updates just with the sound of your voice – no more scrambling for a pen and note paper.

    Google Home

    The Google Home Smart device

    Another great item to invest in is a Bluetooth or WiFi based printer. Not only does this create a neater appearance and keep you from being tethered by cords, but with so many options out there now, they are also relatively affordable.


    Consider: Your Finishes: 

    If your home office is its own room in your home, don’t be afraid to stray from the rest of the overall aesthetic of your home. By giving your office its own look, it can help create a bit more work-life balance, which is oftentimes one of the most difficult aspects of working from home. If the rest of your home is light and airy, maybe consider an accent wall in a moody hue or some dramatic woodwork.

    Skokie Custom Woodwork Office Remodelers

    A high drama home office. Full Project

    Rich woodwork and vintage furnishings not your thing? Fear not. Sometimes even a clean simple space can be best. If you do a lot of video conferencing, consider the less is more approach so that your coworkers can stay focused at the task at hand.

    These are just a few ways you can upgrade your work from home space. For more ideas, reach out to Chi Renovation today to get a free consultation to be on your way to creating the perfect home office for you!

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