Remodeling Amid Covid-19 Shelter in Place Orders

April 19, 2020

Perhaps you started a renovation prior to the government mandated shut-down, or all the excess time at home has you wondering when you can tackle a nagging area of your home. What is one to do? If you’re currently in the construction phase, know construction trades have been deemed necessary trade and work will continue pushing forward. Workers will practice social distancing, more frequent hand washing, and disinfecting of frequently used equipment.

What if you were just thinking about starting a project? Well, you are still in luck! There is a common misconception that as soon as you decide to tackle a remodel, construction begins shortly after. The reality is, prior to the first day of demolition, there is a lot of work that needs to be taken care of. Figuring out the initial scope of work, floor plans, and material and finish selections are all things that can take weeks before crews head to the job site. Another positive is that so much design work is now done digitally.

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    remodeling remotely – Is it possible?

    Chi Renovation and Design has allowed all of their employees to work from home, and with this, the option for free consultations via Zoom video conferencing. Do you worry about your ability to accurately measure and document your space? Fear not! Our designers and project managers will guide you through every step of the process. What about after the initial consultation? How do we proceed with material selections?


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    Worried about your drawing skills? Worry not! Our designers can provide you with a template to accurately measure your space and turn it into a proper blueprint


    Gone are the days of poster boards festooned with tiles, paint chips, and fabric samples. Our material selections are done via Google Slides presentations. Want to make sure that a sample looks accurate in real life as it does on your computer monitor? No problem. The designers here at Chi can send samples directly to you. Don’t want unnecessary packages arriving in your home? We can handle the receiving and disinfecting of all new samples. Our design studio is also closed to the public and is regularly cleaned and disinfected.


    Material Board

    Material selections presented via Google Slides


    You may be concerned about the financial implications of the shelter in place orders. We realize that starting a renovation is a financially hefty task under normal circumstances, let a lot now. That’s why we are offering all of our new clients more competitive rates for their remodel projects. By starting your project now, it ensures that we can complete all the design work ahead of time. Once the order is lifted, we can begin construction right away. We project there will be a bottleneck effect of remodel projects once regular life resumes, so we want to give our clients a leg-up on the process. If you are unable to continue your project after orders are lifted due to financial or other reasons, the initial payment means that all designs and material selections are yours to keep, whether or not you pursue your project with us.

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