A Smart Toilet For Your Chicago Bathroom

September 17, 2019

Smart technology for the home is available to make our lives easy, and the ultimate luxury in smart technology is a smart toilet. These toilets clean and sanitize themselves, they offer warm seats for Chicago’s unforgiving winters (which for most is love at first touch), and they even wash and dry you.

Here’s are a few smart toilets you can consider for your next Chicago bathroom renovation:

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    The Kohler Veil®Intelligent Comfort Height skirted one-piece elongated dual-flush toilet. It’s a hand-free opening and closing piece with an LED night light and comes with a touchscreen LCD remote control so you can manage all its features. The features include an eco-friendly dual flush option, an adjustable spray shape, a front and rear wash mode that provides warm water, a self-cleaning function that uses UV light and electrolyzed water systems to sanitize the wand surfaces, a warm-air drying system with adjustable temperature settings, an automatic deodorization system, and a heated seat with  adjustable temperature settings. Yes, this is the Bentley of toilets.

    Veil Intelligent Toilet 1

    Veil®Intelligent Toilet Kohler


    If having an entire smart system is working out to be too expensive, you can even give your Chicago toilet a partial upgrade with a smart toilet seat. The Toto washlet C100 is perfect for Chicago’s winter as it features a heated seat, as well as a deodorizer. And, it comes from Japan where toilet technology has reached critical mass and is technology perfected.

    Toto Smart Toilet Seat

    Smart Toilet Seat Toto


    Because who likes to wash their own behind? The SmertBidet is an electronic toilet seat that is especially useful for homes with people who are unable to use the restroom without assistance. It washes and dries your privates at the press of a button. It also has a turbo wash feature that can help with constipation.


    The Delta FlushIQ® smart toilets are the perfect smart toilet for a family with kids. They come with a touch-free flush, overflow protection, and leak detection. In addition, it stops you from flushing if the toilet is clogged, and also when the water in the bowl is at a critical level. Drawbacks — unlike the above toilets, don’t expect a warm behind on those cold winter’s nights. Also, expect the occasional maintenance call to keep the technology of this toilet running smoothly.

    Toilet With Flushiq Elongated Front

    FlushIQ® Delta


    We’ve mentioned a few broad varieties of smart toilets above, but there are many models, and each has its own set of useful features. It’s important that you pick a smart toilet that has features that apply to your needs and your budget. For example: in Chicago, ideal features are heated seats and heated water jets. Pair up your high tech toilet with radiant heat floors for the most ideal middle-of-the-night Chicago sitting toilet experience. 

    Our designers will be happy to help you select the right smart model that will fit perfectly into your Chicago home and lifestyle.

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